Various Leeds Venues

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Saturday 2nd May 2020

Various Leeds Venues in Leeds

Minimum age: 14

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Various Leeds Venues


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Live At Leeds is held at Various Leeds Venues. The address of Various Leeds Venues is WOODHOUSE LANE, Leeds, LS1 3HQ.

By Taxi

Black cabs all have a large illuminated Taxi sign on the roof, traditionally they are white with a black boot and black bonnet hood, some now are mobile advertising and can be any colour.

Black cabs are the only type of taxi allowed to pick passengers up from the Taxi ranks located throughout the city centre. Passengers are allowed to hail these taxis in the street with an upward outstretched arm and a taxi shout to attract the drivers attention.

Private hire cabs have a large sign on the 2 front doors, these cabs are not allowed to pick up passengers who hail them in the street, although they often do. You are supposed to pre arrange a pick up point, usually by telephoning there office. Many of the nightclubs have contracts with Private hire companies so that customers can be picked up outside the nightclub. There are several Private hire offices in the city centre where you can obtain a cab. There are usually queues at these offices but these have diminished in length now that the bar and nightclub license hours have been extended.

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