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Thursday 14th June 2012

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The UK’s most forward-thinking electronic music & arts festival, with lots of cheeky extras .... born from Glastonbury, Glade is well known for showcases the best underground dance music in the UK English countryside....

A permanent Home

2011 saw the debut of Houghton Hall as our new home. Hidden amongst towering trees in North Norfolk, Houghton provides wide open fields and enchanted woods within which Glade can unfold. Its your very own electric eden.

The Glade experience is one of beautiful countryside and beautiful beats, where you can party until dawn without disturbance and without a care. Houghton Hall is one of the few place in England where such en experience can be had.

After a few years searching for the perfect home, we think we’ve found it. See you in the fields and woods, this year, next year and many years to come!

(Oh, and just in case you were concerned about rain, Houghton Hall is not only in the driest part of the UK, it is free draining; its soil is rich in sand. So no mud. Ever. Do you think we might miss it?)

Site Design

The Glade Experience is not one of two big stages. Its not even one of six stages. It’s a gathering of fourteen different electronic tribes, interspersed with installation art, bars, fire circles, cafes and performers. It’s a mini city…and takes some careful planning.

Last year we spread the city far and wide; this year we’ll be giving her a nip and a tuck, introducing more villages and more winding alleys; more areas to explore, to discover and to vanish into.

There will be two campsites, both spacious, with one nestled close to the psy village (for those who like to keep near to their tribe).

There will still be zero sound bleed between stages, because no one likes an electronic trifle.

New Stages

Joining our established stages, we are very excited to bring a number of new stages and collectives into the fold. In no particular order…

The Meteor

Presented by East London underground party starters UPPERCUT, The Meteor is the first of our new concept stages this year. Set in a 100ft crater in the woods, the sub bass has been installed UNDER the floor. Playing all the sounds of the underground, surrounded by the trees, and kicking off the party on Thursday, this is a stage we are VERY excited about.

Liquid Stage

Our second woodland stage (oh how we love the trees!) we’re delighted to announce the return of the Liquid Stage. Bringing the darker sounds of the psy trance scene to life, and cranking out the beats until 8AM, this will once again be the scene to many a tale. You have been warned…

Remix Roller Disco

Home to every kind of remix mash up imaginable, from electro-swing to hoe-step, this venue is going to be full of fun, day and night. With some serious programming from people who are constantly pushing and blurring boundaries of musical genres in the every direction, this is going to be a sight to behold.


The merry pranksters Feast of Fools, a long standing collective who feature at The Secret Garden Party every year, will be bringing not only their mead bar, but also their merry band of players, performers and misfits, who will lead the late night fireside story telling. A beautiful, inclusive and entertaining bunch of characters, expect a mead fueled party of old until the wee hours…

Beaver Feavour

Another collective from the Garden joining us at glade this year, we welcome the Artful Badgers, feral disco denizens where the party always gets as weird and surreal as it does down right rude and dirty. If you’ve not seen these guys in action, you’re in for a treat…

Beta Pyramid

A new stage from an old idea. This year the festival’s central pyramid will be a stage in its own right, that is until it burns down on Saturday night. Our 2nd concept venue, this stage will house a 360 degree sound system. Presented this year by London’s underground hero’s Hypercolour, expect the programming to be as explosive as the structure itself. Full line up coming soon…

Psy Village
The planet has an alternative cultural movement which can be found in all it’s corners. Born from the beaches of Goa, the psy-trance movement has become a lifestyle choice for many, and one of the world’s most exciting counter cultural phenomena. We love it and we live it. And the UK is in so many ways central to it. It is only right that we have an area at Glade that is totally dedicated to this…

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