Skiddle's Summer Festivals Breakdown

We at Skiddle are in no doubt that we've compiled the biggest and best festival guide you could possibly wish for, covering a multitude of top class events that take place all around the world.

We've now made it even more comprehensive however, with the addition of the most important opinion of all; yours.

Ever wondered the ins and outs of what makes up the average festival experience or speculated as to what is the nation's favourite festival? Well, your queries have now been answered.

We asked you a variety of questions, everything from how much you spend to the reasons behind why you indulge in this wondrous pastime year after year, and now the results are in.

We can reveal the defiance of festival goers in the wake of the recent terror attacks, how much we spend on average on the whole thing and whether we jet off abroad for the experience, alongside so much more. The results are below...

Skiddle Summer Festivals Breakdown

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