Chalk Farm

Equinox Festival Travel and Directions

Friday 20th - Monday 23rd September 2019

Chalk Farm in Wyham, Lincolnshire

No age restrictions

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Chalk Farm

Chalk Farm, ,
Wyham, Lincolnshire
DN36 5RS

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Travel to/from Equinox Festival

Equinox Festival is held at Chalk Farm. The address of Chalk Farm is Chalk Farm, , Wyham, Lincolnshire, DN36 5RS.

Car: Parking is free of charge for Blue Badge holders. Access to the campsite and facilities for people with disabilities is a track from the entrance gate and the campsite is close to the arena to facilitate access. In exceptional circumstances when required, cars can be parked next to tents but only in the specialist disabled camping area and these will not be able to be moved during the event except in the case of an emergency with permission from the management team.

We are unable to offer this to everyone due to restrictions on space.If you have a live-in vehicle, you will need to pay the fee for that vehicle.

Disabled Access Information

General Site Info: All disabled customers are welcomed at Equinox Festival, but it is a greenfield site- mainly flat but there are sloping areas and it can become muddy, meaning that sometimes access across the site is not that easy. Please bear this in mind.

Equinox Festival provide a number of facilities in the arena and campsite to accommodate disabled customer’s needs. Not all disabled customers need the use of these facilities but we will provide access to these facilities and/ or a free Carer’s Pass where required.

Arena Facilities: There are accessible toilets located in the arena.*

Campsite Facilities: The general camping area is flat and the arena is easily accessible from most of the camping area.

Our disabled customer campsite is available to customers who are unable to camp in the standard campsites or who need access to the specialist facilities we provide.

You are welcome to camp with your friends in the main campsite as, due to restrictions on space, we need to limit the number of people in this area of the campsite. In addition to the disabled customer and their carer/ PA, we may allow friends to camp with the person with the disability but this is dependent on space and cannot be guaranteed. Please tell us why you need to camp with your friends in the area for disabled campers so they are provided with the appropriate wristbands on arrival. Failure to notify us of this may result in us being able to accommodate your friends on the day.

Accessible toilets are provided*, along with a secure fridge for any medication that may need to be kept cold. Charging facilities are provided for electric wheelchairs or scooters on a first come, first, serve basis. Please note, we do not provide an electric hook up as a matter of course and can only allow this in exceptional circumstances if needed by the individual and a charge will be made for this facility. This is dependent on the number of hook ups required and we’ll let you know this cost as soon as we can before the event.

* Accessible toilets are costly to clean and maintain to  keep in a good state for those who need this facility.  Carers,  please help us by using our standard facilities for yourselves where at all possible. Thank you.

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