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Chalk Farm

Equinox Festival Line up

Friday 18th - Monday 21st September 2020

Chalk Farm in Lincolnshire

No age restrictions

Equinox Festival 2020 Line up

The lineup for Equinox Festival can be found below:

Equinox Festival line up announced so far...



Bands on Three Stages...

Gong, Ozric Tentacles PA, 3 Daft Monkeys, Inner Terrestrials, Back to the Planet, China Shop Bull, Dissident Noize Factory, The Blunders, P.A.I.N., The Skraelings, Mad Dog Collective, Karl Phillips and The Rejects, The Vegetable Collective, Abdoujaparov, Goldwater, The Mighty Bossmags, The Majestic, Easy Dread, Buff, Dog of Man, The Brouhana, Cress, Blyth Power, The Siknotes, Boom Boom Racoon, Two Man Ting, Hattie Hatstar, Oldboy of The Fens, Ghosts of Men, The Mahatmas, Lacerilla, Featherteeth, Mommas Days Are Done...


DJs across Three Arenas...

Born on Road (Aries, Kelvin 373 & Selecta J-Man), Nicky Blackmarket, Raz, Dub Sweat and Beers and Chromatic, Champa, Lorraine, Electrick Blue, Magiclantern, Ed Tangent, Avrosse, Patchwork, Arvar, Lix, Bushman, Dealo Brown, Boris, Whippet, Herbman Shuffle, Kev Liberator, Teknotoken...



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Equinox Festival 2020, Lincolnshire
Friday 18th September 2020 - Monday 21st September 2020 tickets:


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Camping included. Must be accompanied by an adult 21yrs+
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Under 12 Weekend Ticket
Camping included. Must be accompanied by an adult 21yrs+
Dog Weekend Ticket
Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Please clean up after your dog!
(£15.00 + bf)
Car Park Weekend Ticket
Admits one vehicle for weekend parking
(£20.00 + bf)
Caravan and Parking Weekend Ticket
Admits one caravan for weekend camping, towing vehicle must be moved to the car park
(£40.00 + bf)
Campervan/Live-in Vehicle Weekend Ticket
Admits 1 campervan/live-in vehicle for weekend camping
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Last Year's Equinox Festival Lineup


Slamboree, Senser, Culture Shock, Inner Terrestrials, Here and Now, Zounds, Eat The Evidence, A0S3, Tarantism, China Shop Bull, P.A.I.N. Sporadics, One Eyed God, Dirty Vertebrae, Unknown Era, Headgames, Czapa, Siknotes, The Acronyms, The Long Game, Han-FX And Jordi Mc, Mini Nukes, Ebola-LA's, I Got Spiders, Daily Punk Aerobics with X-Ray Spexersize, Nik Turner, Defekters, Kangaroo Moon, Ask My Bull, Dog Of Man, The Brewers Daughter, Buff, Nievie, Skipra, Omg It's Nick, Captain Accident & The Disaster, Seas Of Mirth, The Mahatma, UnstoppableSweeties Show, The Vegetable Collective, Last Word Dog, Smiley & The Underclass, Wyrd Sisters, Captain Stingray's Groove Machine, Satelli, Loud Speaka, The Mighty Bossmags, Rosa Candid, Feather Teeth, Tangerine Cat, Alex Twcker, Andy Twyman, S.H.I.T. The Majestic, Clusterf*ck, Boom Boom Racoon, Two Man Ting, Marcus & The Microdots, Mental Block, Wendsum, Hattie Hatstar, Easydread, Mommas Days Are Done, Doozer McDooze, Cara Means Friend, Sophia Woodcraft, Primal Force, Baba Yaga, She-Robot, DBC3, Bunkerpop, Gu-Ru, Simon Wood, Reggae Dancehall Takeover with Riseup Soundsystem, Petrol B*st*rd, Spacehopper, Tetchi, Lorraine, Fractal Vision, Enki's Tale, Ed Tangent, Electrick Gypsy, Magiclantern, Wrecktangle, Scott Hub, Mr Chukkle, Prognosis, DJ Arvar, Basslayerz (Slipz, Spyda & Bomma), Nicky Blackmarket, Agro, Leaf, Too Greezy, RV, Raz, Chromatic, Garry K & Presha, M Blaze, A0N, Hoodlum & Blacka, Melos, Imanzi, DJ Arvar, Grand Theft Clipper, Revolt Djs, Promo, Subtone Society, Soul Hertz, Barka, Jam Master, Wednesday Amelia, Gridmaster, Guvna, Vega, Suspect, Heedless, Silas, Chip, D-Fuzion, Baga, Bloc, Joe Townsley, Ollie Drop, Jenks, Sam Wiltshire, George Marshman (Solid Grooves), Cowling, Grayson, Lewis Joel (Vision), Kurt Grizz, Bogdan Gabriel (Tuned), Goono (Sorted), DV8 (Hotwire Events), Johnny P (No Entry), Luke Alexander, Doctor Si, Tall Order, SPaw, Braindead, M.A.E.


Dub Pistols, Phat Bollard, Back to the Planet, Inner Terrestrials, John Otway, Here & Now, Nik Turner, Too Many T's Lacertilia, Nieviem, The Majestic, De Fuego, One Eyed God, The Skraelings, Hattie Hatstar, Unknown Era, P.A.I.N, The Cracked Actors, The Edi Johnston Bit, AOS3, Skiprat, Eat The Evidence, Magic Bus, Suzy Condrad, The Defekters, Easydread, Satteli, Simon Wood, Mothcob, Doozer McDooze, Han-FX & JorDMC, The ChabiFonk Experience, China Shop Bull, Dicky Deegan, 3 Daft Monkeys, My Bad Sister, Skaciety,Eff Off, Dirty Vertebrae, Ask My Bull, Riff B*st*rd, Nicky Blackmarket, Aries, T>1, Garry K, Presha, Raz, Chromatic, Ed Tangent, Timps, Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe, Magiclantern, Fordy, Thallom, Kwah.


Lee Scratch Perry, Gong 'special guest appearance by Steve Hillage', Leslie George Carter (from Carter USM),System 7, Atterkop, Chinashop Bull, Doozer McDooze, Jake Martin, John Otway. Nik Turner Space Gypsy, Karl Phillips and the NGF Rejects, Mothcob, Omega Tribe, One eyed God, P.A.I.N, The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican, The Sporadics, Kangaroo Moon, Marcus & the Microdots, Dub the Earth, The Majestic, Althea Sound, Bolshy, Firepit Collective, Folk The System, Inner Terrestrials, Mercurius Rising, Paper Wings, Reality Attack, Skiprat, Star Botherers, Steel City Rhythm, Simon Wood, Subhumans, The Skraelings, Sophia Woodcraft, The Dyr Sister, Beastfish, Brian Stone, Deviant Amps, Fran Wyburn & the Indigos, Last Word Dogs, Nieviem, Primeval Soup, The Edi Johnston Bit, AOS3, Back to the Planet, Buff, Cara means Friend, The Defekters, Family Ranks, Funke & the Two Tone Baby, Contineum, Ed Tangent, Fordy, Lorraine, Magiclantern, Mr Chukkel, Multiseed, Prognosis,Tetchi, Random Concept Origins, Nicky Blackmarket, Garry K, RV, G-Boid, M-Blaze, Bellyman & Presha, Pariss Elektra, Fran Wyburn and the Indigos, Reaction Sound Man, DJ High Lassie, Rum Doodle, Templehead, Nottingjam Orchestra, Big Deebz, DJ Gremlyn, Star Brothers, Victor Pope Band, Motormouf, Jazzy Jim, No.Me, Jedi Pete


Inner terrestrials, RDF, The Majestic, The Vegetable Collective, Tarantism, Dub the Earth, Peace Pipers, The Defekters, Damidge, John Player Specials, Ask my Bull, Autonomads, Buffo's wake, Skraelings, Cracked Actors, Firepit Collective, Easydread, Back to the Planet, Kilnaboy, One Eyed God, AOS3, FFTP, P.A.I.N., Skiprat, Sporadics, Mothcob, Headgames, Primeval Soup, Mutiny in Heaven, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, Eff Off, Brian Stone, Bamba yay in Dub, Joe Yorke, Doghouse , Simon Woods Hang Drum, Althea Sound, Beastfish, Lucy Mae, Ms Fabulous, Behla and Ness, Jazzy Jim, Gata Style, Treekle, Special Ed, The Nottingjam Orchestra, Motormouf, Will T, High Lassie, Reaction Sound, Mercurius Rising, Big Deebs, Tarantism Unplugged, Jedi Pete, Gremlyn, Reaction DJs,Filterheads, Zetan spore, Ed Tangent, Man made Man, Lorraine, Mr chukles, Prognosis, Audio Addicts live, Spacehopper, Mutaliens, Prognosis, Multis3ed, Magiclantern, Extra Spectrum, Key LoFalse Identity, Tea Tree, Kwah, Infernal Machines, RV, Mikey Beats, Jacked takeover feat. Joe Townsley & Oli Drop, Luke b2b Dayton, Metz, Linyl, Bagle bros; B4gle & Intoxicated Keztrel, Melos, Teknoprisners, Arvar, Kortex, M fatic, Bernie B, Owen Turner, Imanzi. Raindeer, Grand Theft Clipper,, Ben Speed, J D Chronic, Kickflip, 601, Funkliners, Prognosis, Chemical Kev, Fuzzy Logic, Keith Fox, Altered States, Just Jess, Mr Woffles, Kaz McQ, DJ M1, Astrodruid, Lorraine, Arcus & D flect, Belle Seraphine, Mutated Pony, Audioaddictz, Ghost Dog, Paul Domaster, Cloud & Owl, Denzileo, Urban Spaceman, Dirty Flowers, Last Word Dogs, Tyrants, Buff, Mental Block, Quercus Burlesque , Reality Attack, Doozer McDooze

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