Chateau De Dampierre Sur Boutonne

Enchanted Arts Festival

Friday 27th - Sunday 29th July 2018

Chateau De Dampierre Sur Boutonne in Dampierre-sur-Bouton

No age restrictions

Think you’re too old for a festival or your kids too young? At the family-friendly Enchanted Arts Festival, there’s still a place where arts, music, heritage, social activism, inspiring talks and foodie experiences line up with crazy and fun things to do with the kids.

Over three days during July 2018, the Chateau de Dampierre-sur- Boutonne will become home to a series of Dreamscapes – including an Enchanted Forest full of mysteries, a Labyrinth of Dreams filled with dizzying surprises at every turn and the Gardens of Gaia where families can learn about re-greening their lives through gardening, healthy eating and many other fun ways of reconnecting to the Earth and to one another.

There’ll also be plenty of opportunities for dialogue between artists, activists, cutting edge thinkers and the public on the issues of our time. Inspirational global and local speakers are gathering in Dampierre for a series of presentations and workshops around which the whole family can engage. Think Solidarity with Refugees, Families in the Digital Age and Enchanted BeGreen. Come nightfall, festival parents can sip champagne and listen to DJs and live sets while their kids chase fireflies, dance to their heart’s content, star gaze and witness a total lunar eclipse deep in the French countryside.

At the Enchanted Arts Festival the sublime, weird & wonderful blend together in perfect alchemy.

Meet you under the stars!

Music - Simon Ghraichy (classical); Polly A (soul, funk); Mike Ladd (Hip hop); Lucy Dixon (jazz); Falling for Frankie (French touch); DJULY (DJ); Spinning Sprite (DJ); Inka Ernst (DJ)...

Food - Michael Hebb (Death over Dinner), Kalice Brun (Secret Garden Supper Club); Hind Tahboob (Bandora Palestinian Cuisine); Refugee Food Festival

Social engagement - Maytha Alhassen (TED Fellow); Dr. Carl Pabo (Founder, Humanity 2050 Institute); Amy Shaffer (The Wonderment); Moran Cerf (neuroscientist); Gabriella Wright (actress/activist)

Healing and wellness - Kathi Von Koerber & Nando Villa (healer, dancer, activist);

Artists - Kito Mbiango (Belgian-Congolese); Cadine Navarro (France/US); Raina lampkins Fielder; Louisa Babari; Carmela Uranga; Alicia Paz (Mexico); Cleary Conolly (Ireland); Greta Banqui (Italy) & more…

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