Friday 9th August 2013

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Battfest - The Virtual Festival

Fri 9th - Sun 11th August 2013

 "Free-range organic music, straight to your computer, no artificial colours or flavours."

Battfest - The Virtual Festival - is the littlest festival with the biggest audience - the most inclusive exclusive event of the year. Set in a particularly gorgeous southerly corner of the English countryside, there's a cast of about 150 people including all the musicians, crew and technical whizzes. There's also a very lucky, pampered audience, a bit like Kimberley festival, but more exclusive, or the Old Grey Whistle Test or Later With Jools Holland.

The main idea is to use all this wonderful technology to promote Indie music without needing a big record company to stump up the cash and then turn the music into processed cheese and the artists into products. Over the Battfest weekend an eclectic mix of the best indie music is streamed out via a huge, ever-growing network of indie TV and radio to millions of ears and eyes - as the artists intended. 

You'll hear all sorts of genres from indie artists young and old - the common factor is quality. Wherever you are, if you have an internet connection, you can watch FREE - from the comfort of your sofa, your yacht, your hospital bed - from a blanket tent in the front room - it's all filmed up close so you feel like you're right there with us watching all these great acts play. No wellies required.

your chance to be a VIP!

Whilst anybody with a computer can watch Battfest for free, we have 200 exclusive VIP Sponsor tickets available members of the general public who would like to support Battfest and be there in person having a lovely time with us. You’ll be treated to a very intimate musical experience in gloriously lovely natural surroundings. Everybody on site will be 'backstage' using the same bars and cafes so you’ll be able to talk to the wonderful artists you’ll discover (who knows what your autographs will be worth in a couple of years' time). Do bring wellies just in case :)

Running Order:

Friday 9th:

Hollie Aires, Tom Moriarty, Sam Batt, Carrie Haber, Ghost Trains, Eleanore & The Lost, Kassassin Street.

Saturday 10th:

Nick Capaldi, Flo Smart, Karina Vismara, Vin Goodwin, Lisa VonH, Juliet Gough, Sonya Titus, The Moth Lantern, The Vindickers, Birdeatsbaby, Nucleus Roots.

Sunday 11th:

Alex Warburton, Aimee Mackenzie, 27 Band, Lloyd Williams, Tess Of The Circle, The Fabulous Red Diesel, Hannah Clive, Oliver Moriarty, Isla, Fragile Creatures.

Broadcasting times:

Friday 9th: 7pm-1am | Saturday 10th: 3pm - 1am | Sunday 11th: 3pm - 11pm

See and for details of the lineup and how to tune in. 

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