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SonneMondSterne Festival 2019 tickets

Friday 9th August 2019

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Minimum age: 16

No tickets available at present for SonneMondSterne Festival through Skiddle.

Ticket Prices*

Festival Ticket

Camping Ticket

*Subject to change


Age Restrictions

For the SMS, the legal provisions apply as for any other event. This means that adolescents aged 16 and 17 are only allowed to be on the festival grounds when accompanied by a responsible adult.


Glass ban on the SMS

As part of the "Save Your Beach" campaign, the SonneMondSterne Festival has a strict glass ban on the festival grounds as well as on the campground.

On the one hand, the festival is forced to comply with this step; on the other hand, SMS supports this measure as well, since the removal of glass breakage is always a difficult task and most of all injuries are cuts caused by broken glass.

Please stick to this required rule, which includes nutella, sour cucumbers, or gooseberries. There will definitely be checks at the entrance, as well as at the campsite. 


As an alternative to glass bottles, drinks can be transferred to appropriate plastic bottles.



Can I take my camera to the grounds?

No one has anything against a small camera. Professional cameras and devices that are capable of producing image and sound recordings, however, are not desirable. In general, it is forbidden to make recordings of any kind whatsoever. We ask you to accept the wishes and rights of our artists. 

The decision whether it is a professional equipment is at the discretion of the security at the entrance. Certainly, few of our Secs are trained photo experts. Therefore we ask to refrain from discussions.

How far are the parks and campsites from the entrance?

The park and camping sites are located directly on the site and are easy to reach on foot. Therefore, the use of shuttles is not required.

Where can I get medical help?

For all medical emergencies you will find a medical tent next to the entrance.

What is the cost of re-entry ribbon, garbage deposit and camping?

Your festival ticket is - almost - all inclusive. We do not believe in hidden costs. Camping and re-entry are included in the ticket, the price share for camping is shown in the ticket. There is no garbage deposit, only a single fee of 25 € or 35 € per vehicle for campers, trailers and caravans.

Which campsite is closer to the entrance?

The noisy campsite is slightly closer to the terrain.

How much does the use of SMS.Showerworlds cost?

In the SMS.Showerworld the use of the toilet costs 2 € and the showers 4 €. The SMS.Showerworld flat rate for unlimited use throughout the festival weekend costs € 12.

When does the festival begin, when does it end? 

The festival starts on Friday at 6 pm and ends on Sunday at 4 pm.

Is the site open all the time?

In principle, the site is open around the clock. However, Saturday noon, a part of the area is closed to clean there. The day area with beach, snacks etc. remains open around the clock.

Is there an age restriction?

For Sun Moon Stars, as for any other event, the legal provisions apply. This means that young people aged 16 and under 18 are only allowed to stay at the festival site after midnight accompanied by a responsible adult.

Is there a bus shuttle from the festival area to the train station?

For all those who come to us by train, there is again the free bus shuttle to the train stations Bad Lobenstein and Neustadt / Orla and the bus station in Schleiz on Sunday. 

The exact times are published in the Latest Info.

What is the complete address of the festival area?

For people with Navigator: 

Festival meadow, Wetteraweg, 07929 Saalburg-Ebersdorf 


50.507699, 11.721522 + 

50 ° 30 '27.72 ", + 11 ° 43' 5:48 p.m."

Are there daily tickets?

No. Neither in advance sale, nor at the box office.

When can VVK tickets be exchanged for tapes?

The ticket exchange starts on Thursday. Please swap your tickets in good time and help us to avoid unnecessary stress at the entrance.

Thursday: 13:00 to 22:00
Friday: 13:00 to 3:00
Saturday: 12:00 to 0.00

How much is parking?

For the use of the parking lot a one-time fee of 25 € per vehicle is charged. Motorhomes, cars with trailers and caravans cost 35 € per vehicle.

Can I get to the parking lot without a festival ticket?

No. Access is only possible with a festival ticket. This must be presented at the entrance.

Are there opening hours for the parking lot?

The car park opens on Wednesday 10:00 and closes on Tuesday afternoon. During this time, the car park is open around the clock. Please do not discuss with the referrers. The boys and girls have a tough job and do their best.

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