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No Gloss Film Festival Line up

Saturday 3rd October 2015

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Minimum age: 18

No Gloss Film Festival 2015 Line up

The lineup for No Gloss Film Festival can be found below:

  • Cowboy Ben (UK)
  • The Betrayal (UK)
  • The Good Son (UK)
  • The Fourth Estate (UK)
  • Wildless (UK)
  • Eclipse (Belgium)
  • Nao Humano (Portugal)
  • Rabbit  (Australia)
  • Still (USA)
  • Melany (Netherlands)
  • Les Notes Bleues (France)
  • Golden Shot (Turkey)
  • Adam Minus Eve (France)
  • Mary No More (UK)
  • Streifzug (Germany)
  • Nation on Fire (UK)
  • Offside (UK)
  • Sucker (USA)
  • Throw Me to the Dogs (UK)
  • The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb Jr (USA)
  • Look at Me Now (UK)
  • Infinite (USA)
  • Crazy Golf (UK)
  • Monica (Norway)
  • L'Amour en Cinq Parties (USA)
  • Historia D'un Objecte (SPain)
  • Independence (UK)
  • Killer Tape (Italy)
  • Salt (UK)
  • Marzipan Flowers (Israel)
  • Counsellor (Australia)
  • Je Crie Ton Nom (Switzerland)
  • She Would Move the Tree Rather to the Middle (UK)
  • Kakteus (Switzerland)
  • Skinship (UK)
  • Our Skin is Going Gray (Serbia)
  • Killing My Girl (UK)
  • Like it (Canada)
  • Ryggen Fri (Sweden)
  • Michael (UK)
  • Meet The Hitlers (USA)
  • Toby (UK)
  • Benny Loves Killing (UK)

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